♦♦♦Have any questions that still need clarifying? Here are our most frequently asked questions.♦♦♦

How long do your packages and products take?

Our research packages will be completed and delivered to you usually within 6-8 weeks (some maybe earlier but we aim to never be later). Our Added extras package has variable delivery rates, so please enquire if you would like to know how long your specific package or product will take.

Your package completion times seems a little long, can we speed the process up a little?

Yes! In some cases we can speed up the process for you depending on our current work load at the time, but this may incur a small extra fee depending on your needs.

What if you can’t find my family?

When we receive your completed forms we will make an initial assessment that establishes whether your family history will be researchable. It is very rare for this to happen, and we assess on a client-by-client basis.

I live outside of Australia, can you research my family history?

Although this is not our speciality we can definitely look into your family history with our initial assessment and depending on where you live it may very well be possible! Please contact us for more information on your personal situation and to begin your initial consultation, and if i am unable to assist you we will lead you in the right direction to someone who maybe able to help you further.

Are you able to find out more about my ancestors like what their occupations were or any other interesting details?

This information is much harder to find! It is an included extra in the package deals if we come across anything during our searches however if you want this specifically you will need to purchase the Added extras package along with your initial package if you want us to specifically search this information about each of your ancestors. For our hourly rate option you will simply need to state that that is what you are after specifically! We will do the best we can, and find as much information as we can for you to piece together their lives and personal stories!

Do you research adoptions?

We are able to assist you with adoption information if the adopted person is deceased however information relating to living adopted people are not made available publicly. Although this is incredibly difficult, we would love the opportunity to assist you in your search if we are able! Please contact us or alternatively please contact the relevant authority in your state or territory.

How far back can you trace my ancestors?

Research will depend upon the survival and availability of records. Some records go back as early as the 1500s but most research gets back to the early 1800s or late 1700s.

What do I need to give you to start the research?

You will need to provide us with:

  •  A full name of your grandparent/s, along with a maiden name/s if it is your grandmother side you wish to research; AND
  • Birth certificates are very helpful if you have access to a copy for each lineage you want researched; OR
  • If living a date and location of birth; If deceased a copy of their death certificate if you are able to provide a copy, if not a date and location of death, and date of birth if possible for each member you want researched; OR
  • In the case of a two or four package, with married grandparents a copy of their marriage certificate if attainable, if not details of the date and location of their marriage.

This gives us enough information to build a sturdy foundation of knowledge to begin building your family tree! 🙂

Do I get the certificates that you have bought for the research?

Where we need to buy certificates, we charge these to you at cost unless you have ordered one of our packages then this depends on how many need to be ordered, we may charge you for some. The certificates are scanned and emailed to you and are included on the CD ROM if this option is taken up. If you wish to have the original certificate posted to you we charge a postage fee relevant to the number of certificates requested.

If you have a question that is not answered above please use contact us using the enquiry form in the contact us link above or call us!


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