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Where the joy of genealogy research began!

Written by Babette Smith

Cargo of Women by Babette Smith

In 1986 after the birth of my first daughter Aimee, while at my husband’s parents house, we noticed a newspaper article by a lady named Babette Smith who was looking for any descendants of Isabella Agnes Watson, to which my father-in-law Thomas (or Tom/Tommy as he was better known) answered “That’s my grandmother!”. He then contacted Babette who announced that she was writing a book about Susannah Watson (Isabella’s grandmother) and the convicts of the Princess Royal, and that she was a cousin of his. Tommy assisted Babette with the information she needed for her book which was then published in 1988, and Tommy and Frances (or Fran as she was better known) attended the launch and got a personally signed copy and a thank you from Babette! From there we all became interested in further exploration of our family tree and started putting it together for our future generations!

We still have a autographed copy of that book in the family today, although it has been many years since Tommy and Fran passed away.

As time went on…

As the years passed by we found more and more information, but after the internet became readily available and a lot of records became publicly accessible, things really took off! I now have many lines of our Ancestry going right back to the 900’s! Many Lords and Ladies and one Royal line in Scotland! We are descendants of Kings and Queens! This was a very exciting find!

So of course, over time many of my friends and family became aware of my love for genealogy research, and they began their own searches. They would regularly come to me for assistance when they hit any brick walls, or got stuck in the mud if you will, whichever analogy you would prefer to use. Over time, my friends and family were sending their friends my way if ever they needed help, to which I was always happy to assist with!

One day recently when I was talking to my eldest daughter Aimee about it, she said “I can see how much you clearly love it, so why don’t you start your own business and do what you really love doing!” and here we are today launching that business together along with the help of my youngest daughter, Katrina! Enough of our story… so who are we?


mum Well my name is Beverley but everyone simply calls me Bev!

Or mum 😛 hehehe

I was originally a high school drop out and had my children quite young. My husband and I decided that we wanted me to stay at home with the kids while they were young, so I did. I stayed at home to raise my kids, we wanted to raise them well and I believe we did a fantastic job! They are great kids! Once my youngest was in school, I went back to study and I completed my year 10 and 12 certificates. I then went on and did Certificate’s I, II & III in Business Administration. I also worked at a few different part time jobs during the day while the kids were at school such as the occasional catering, I had a job at Big W for a while, and I also assisted my husband on the farm. Not very glamorous I know but it all helped at the end of the day!

During all of this, if I wasn’t spending time with my children, my husband or my other extended family members, I usually spent my time on my greatest hobby and passion, researching ancestry and learning anything I could about becoming better at it. Whether it was our families history, helping friends and their friends, or helping my family’s friends with their family trees as mentioned above, what can I say, I truly enjoy it! Which is one of the many reasons I know I will do well in this business, I will never be bored! I have a keen eye for detail and I’m very diligent and determined to get all of the details right!

I believe that quality work, in a timely manner at a reasonable price are the most important parts of any business! This will leave all of your clients happy, and who isn’t satisfied with a happy client and a job well done! At the end of the day if your clients are happy they will refer you again and again, which will ensure the longevity of any business. This is obviously an important goal of mine, as well as helping as many people as possible for as long as possible, among many other goals of course!  So I hope you like what you see and contact us to let me help you with your genealogy research! 🙂


KatrinaThis is my daughter Katrina!

She has completed her Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Wollongong and she will be helping me with the financial side of my business. So when you get your invoice it will be her handy work 🙂 She will also be assisting me with the day to day financial tasks required to run my business!


LastlyMy profile pic but not least, this is my daughter Aimee.

She will be assisting me with the technical side of things, and will save me time so I can do more of what I love! She will be handling the website, marketing, and a few other things along with day to day tasks required to run Ancestry Puzzles Untangled! You will see a lot of her on the blog, and you may even speak with her over the phone or in emails assisting me.

Feel free to pop onto the blog comments and say hi!


Ancestry Puzzles Untangled into the future…

Ancestry Puzzles Untangled is a completely legal and operational business, and our ABN is 82 935 323 151. Our intention is to continually grow our client base, the business and possibly recruit a few additional genealogists if all goes well.

No matter how far the business gets our top priorities will always be accuracy, time efficiency and customer satisfaction!

As previously mentioned I have not quite yet completed my Diploma in Family Historical Studies but I have all intention to work towards getting it while working on this business. We are very open minded so if you have any suggestions on how to improve our website or service please feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts! Your feedback is extremely important to us, just as important as your likes, shares and referrals! 😀

Please reply here!

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