Ancestry Puzzles Untangled is up and running! Finally!

WOW! Finally have our website and blog up and running! For years I’ve been hearing about my mum’s many discoveries during her research of our family history and some of them would absolutely shock you! Trust me! Well you won’t need to just trust me, I’ll be telling you about them on this blog over time, it’s definitely worth the read for the entertainment value alone!

As time went on she loved it so much, you can see it in her face and hear it in her voice when she starts talking about her finds! So she started searching her friends family trees and then their friends family trees and helping them discover their family stories, but she had been doing it for free! That’s how much she loves it! She’s spent so much time over the years not only teaching herself how to do this kind of research and looking up everything freely available but that wasn’t enough so she is signing up to undertake her Diploma in Family Historical Studies and intends to join the AAGRA (Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents Inc) and SAG (Society of Australian Genealogists). But enough of the boring stuff. I convinced her that she should look into starting her own business and here we are, starting a family business together! Along with my beautiful and very intelligent little sister Katrina who is a Graduate Accountant from the University of Wollongong, who will be doing all of the finance stuff. I’ll be handling all the techie stuff and Mum will be able to do what she loves the most! Ancestry research!

Check out our About Us page for a little more information about us, and I’ll put in a few portrait pics so you can put a face to the names!

I’ll rope mum into jumping onto the blog and give you a few hints, tips and tricks to remember if you are looking into doing a little of your own research, tracing your own lineage! However if you get stuck… you know who to ask for assistance right 😛 hehehe. Come straight back, we would love to help! In fact, I’ll bug her and I’ll ask her to tell you the story about the twins! Oh my goodness! It’s so funny, such a *face-palm* moment! hahahahaha!

Signing off for now,

❤ Aimee

About Aimee :-)

I'm a passionate, opinionated and motivated Aussie. I run a few online business's however my true passion is with my real estate investing!

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